What is in your chocolates?
Chocolate South uses Valrhona Chocolate to make most of our bonbons and bars. We use El Rey and Felchlin for certain products. We are particular about our "flavor profiles" and always use the best ingredients we can find to achieve the flavor we are after.

How long can I store my chocolates?
It is best to eat your chocolates within 10 days after purchase. We use organic cream, premium chocolates, many organic spices and fruits, and other high quality ingredients. Our chocolate bonbons do not contain any preservatives. Therefore, the flavor is best when the chocolate is freshest.

Should I refrigerate the chocolates?
No - chocolate is best when stored at cool room temperature and at a humidity level below 50%.

What is your shipping policy?
We ship on Monday and Tuesday via FedEx Ground or USPS. We ship on Wednesdays if the product will be able to arrive on Friday. If not, then the order will be shipped the following week. Orders placed on Thursday, Friday or Saturday will be shipped the following Monday or Tuesday.

What if I need my chocolates sooner?
Please call us and we will try to arrange a rush shipment.

How do I order a box of chocolates with flavors that I select instead of the pre-designed boxes?
Please come in to our shop at 1050 Marietta Street NW, Atlanta, 30318 to create a Custom Chocolate Box or a Custom Gift Basket.

My question is not answered here---
Please call us at 404-815-8859. We are happy to answer any questions you have. We are a new chocolate shop - we opened in June of 2012, so we are here to make you happy by making some of the most delicious chocolates that you will ever taste! Come On In and give us a try!

Chocolate South
1050 Marietta Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318 (404) 815-8859