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Through Nov. 21 - Tuesday - Friday from 11:00am until 7:00pm,
Closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Closed November 14 and Nov. 15 to attend the Richland, GA Festival.
Closed November 22 - November 30 for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
December 1 - December 23 - open every day but Sunday from 11:00am until 7:00pm (or until we run out of chocolates!)

Welcome to Chocolate South

We always have our "ORIGINAL SIGNATURE MENU" for your tasting pleasure.

Come On In to see what is in our display cabinet today!

Chocolate South creates divine chocolate truffles, bonbons, bars and other chocolate delights every day here in our sunny kitchen. We use the best chocolates available including Valrhona, Felchlin and other premium chocolates. We then use organic cream, organic spices, premium liquors and other fine ingredients, many of them local, to make our selection of chocolates.

Southern is the theme here at Chocolate South - from Southern Garden - lavender and ginger, to Southern Musicians - Elvis, Ray and the Allmand Brothers, to Southern Literature - Scarlet, Stella and Scout, to Tea Time - Georgia Peaches Tea and Green Tea with Mint - all of our flavors give a nod to Southern traditions and charm.

Our Georgia Peaches Tea Bon Bon won the Grand Prize in the 2013 Flavor Of Georgia Competition.

We have chocolate gift boxes along with gift baskets containing chocolates and other fine Southern products - cheese straws, pecans, and teas!

Come On In to taste some of our favorite flavors from the South!

Kona Coffee with Grand Marnier

Kona Coffee with Grand Marnier - These molded bonbons are made with organic cream infused with Kona Coffee beans. Kona coffee beans are grown only in Hawaii. Because of the favorable growing conditions, this coffee is low in acid and has a mild flavor that goes well with chocolate. Two types of Valrhona Chocolate and Grand Mariner Liqueur (a blend of orange and cognac) are added to the cream to complete this fabulous ganache.

Georgia Peanut Bark

Georgia Peanut Bark - For this Southern delight, Valrhona deep milk chocolate is mixed with organic peanut butter to form a base which we coat with roasted Georgia Peanuts, which are candied in house.

Baileys Irish Cream with Coffee

Baileys Irish Cream with Coffee - These tasty treats are similar to the Kona Coffee Bonbons listed above, only we use Baileys Irish Cream in abundance, instead of the Grand Marnier. Espresso Powder is sprinkled on top for an extra little kick!

Georgia Peaches Tea

Georgia Peaches Tea - We love this special tea that is blended here in Atlanta by Brandi Barnes Shelton of Just Add Honey. We heat organic cream and infuse it with Georgia Peaches Tea, then add vanilla and Valrhona dark chocolate. We then hand-dip each piece in Valrhona deep dark chocolate.

Candied Orange Peel

Candied Orange Peel - Our house-made Candied Orange Peel starts with carefully selected oranges which we peel by hand to insure that only the lovely rind is used. We cook it in organic sugar syrup until it is totally infused with deliciousness - then dip each piece in Valrhona dark fruity bittersweet chocolate - a taste sensation you won't want to miss.

Lavender Vanilla

Lavender Vanilla - This lovely bonbon is part of our Southern Gardens line - We use organic cream, which we infuse with lavender buds and Tahitian vanilla. We blend this with Valrhona dark chocolate, then dip each piece by hand in Valrhona dark chocolate and top each piece with a lavender bud

Honey Ginger

Honey Ginger - This is the other half of our Southern Gardens line - Once again, organic cream is infused with chopped organic ginger, then mixed with Tupelo Honey, Valrhona dark chocolate and a touch of vanilla. We use this ganache to fill our Beehive Molds to form a perfect shape for a perfect bonbon.

Valentine with Gold Leaf

Valentine with Gold Leaf - This lovely heart shape surrounds different flavored ganaches made with organic cream and premium ingredients. We can create custom flavors for your special occasion. Call us at (404) 815-8859 or come by to talk with us about your special occaision.

"Chocolate South Original Signature Menu." These bonbons and chocolates make up our Original Signature Menu. These are the chocolates that launched Chocolate South. We have many other chocolates in our chocolate display case - but these are the yummy chocolates that started it all! We have these chocolates all day, every day. The Southern Getaway bonbons are Coffee with Baileys, Peanut Bark and Key Lime; Tea Time includes Green Tea with Mint and Georgia Peaches Tea; the River and Sea line includes Mississippi Mud (textured like alligator skin) and Caramel with Sea Salt (we also make a fabulous Loggerhead Turtle - using Southern roasted pecans); and our Southern Garden group includes Lavender Vanilla and Honey Ginger. Our flavors represent our love of Southern literature, music and culture - Come On In to see what we have in our Chocolate Cabinet today!